Looking for a trustworthy and wise mentor? 

Someone who is able to hold a strong enough container for your big vision and powerful feminine?

Someone who cares as much about your leap in business, leadership and life as you do?

Let's get to know each other.

I see you, Passion, Purpose and Freedom driven woman, because I walk the same path.

When coaching leaders like you, I know you already have the knowledge, the experience, the gift and the vision. Your inner GPS is guiding you towards realizing that potential.

It's not a coincidence that you are here.

Here’s what I know about you...

You are highly self-aware, spiritiually mature woman with sharp intellect, who knows you are destined for MORE. Much more.

You don't think or dream. You are a sophisticated soul with high standards, who continually sets the bar higher.

You are determined to master yourself and do what it takes to live your ultimate freedom, fulfillment and success on your terms.

You are not someone who can bury or put aside your desires. 

You are a seasoned action taker without excuses, experienced in taking powerful decisions and risking it all for growth beyond your ego limits. You are a bold trailblazer, who feels internally inspired to use your talents to uplift others - all day long...

I also know your doubts and secret fears...

I know your inner gentleness and deep sensitivity. You are a visionary with a gift of subtle perception that most people can’t comprehend. 

Stagnation is painful for you. Boredom and mediocrity drives you mad. That’s why you are in a continual search for greater purpose, connection and contribution, no matter the milestones you have achieved.

Anything less than the next level - clients, sales, opportunities - won't satisfy you for long.

There is a yearning within you to express all of what you have inside, while being admired and revered. You long to be celebrated for the genius that you have not fully unleashed yet. You crave to be seen in your unique brilliance, build your luxurious empire from the future and fully operate from Flow state in the way that nourishes your Feminine Soul.

Yet you are still moving back and forth trying to choose between this and that option, afraid to get it all wrong, or, you are experiencing lukewarm progress when it comes to manifesting the legacy and lifestyle of your dreams...

I can help you. 

I agree that solutions to our problems. lies within ourselves. Yet higher levels of success require higher levels of support.

It can be a hard task to exceed on your own. Especially, when you walk the path of pioneering Feminine leadership and the world around you is yet catching up to the level of consciousness you awakened yourself to.

I bet like many high achieving women, you also carry a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, with all that you track and manage daily. Do you feel like you are taking care of everyone, while putting your own needs and desires on the backburner?

Here is what I know - as a female leader, to continue to give to other - to your work, to your community, to your family - you must also receive. The more we nourish ourselves, the more we are able to serve from a place of ease and overflow.


What's my role?

In my 10+ years of practice, I have been blessed to work with many high achieving, heart-centered female leaders from a variety of backgrounds - from spiritual entrepreneurs, business ownwers to the corporate executives.

They are successful women, who have already accomplished great things in the physical world. They are changemakers with decades of experience supporting others in their niches, revered for their expertise in their communities, business, organizations, etc.

When they come to me, they know that there is a greater potential within them that is waiting to be birthed and expressed. Often, they are tired from overworking, without enough space for their selfcare; they are done with underpricing their expertise, or, they aren’t reaching the visibility they know they are here for.

They seek a nourishing oasis for their next level personal transformation and upgrading their business, so they can align with what matters for them, evolve in their self-mastery and achieve accelerated results.

If you are here, I know you can relate. As a feminine leadership mentor, spiritual advisor, business coach and vision strategist, I am here to support you in bringing your Soul's work into the world, without compromising your natural rhythm, values and desires.

How working with me is different

My superpower is to combine both worlds - masculine and feminine, combining mindset, energy, spiritual with practical business strategies, expanding your natural state of Radiance and creating Magnetism in your work. I help you align your business with your unique essence so you can honor your Genius, attract your ideal clients with ease, and live your Purpose, thriving financially and personally.

A big part of what I do with clients is personal transformation and self-mastery, because I believe that without inner alignment, no strategies will work. I guide you through a multidimensional journey to embody your inner power. I show you the way to your highest potential. I am there when you face your fears and discomfort.

Born clairvoyant, I help you see blind spots and clear remnants of old limitations (subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, childhood conditioning, ancestral imprints, etc.) or habitual self-minimizing that hides your greatness or blocks your ability to receive money with grace. I help you align with your vision by alchemizing and integrating anything that is still holding you back.

During your mentoring, I will help you receive from the quantum field whatever information you need to implement your new chapter. This is all that allows you to make a quantum leap, compressing time and establishing your highest reality here and now, without repeating the old cycles. Instead, you naturally align with yourself on another level - the future you desire.

It unlocks an inner motivation with a lot of energy that allows you to show up with your gifts without fear or pressure, opening up to receive all that the Universe has for you.

You do your part to materialize this by taking inspired action, which now comes not only from mental/analytical thinking, but from your activated and rewired inner guidance system. No more playing small or hiding your power!

I'm not a coach who will tell you: "Just meditate, trust the Universe and wait for a miracle to happen." You will receive strategic business tools specially tailored for you, which are specifically needed for your business. This saves a lot of time trying things that don't work for you.


 Private mentorship is the most personalized support I offer for my clients. Your mentoring journey is 100% tailored to you. No "cookie cutter" programming. During our time together, I will devote my energy to your unique potential and the leap in your business, leadership and life with the intention of ease and grace.

You and I are a good match for a 1-on-1 mentorship if: 

  • You feel called to bring your Gifts and expertise into the world in a new, powerful and graceful way.
  • You are tired of doing a lot and want to have more balance and spaciousness for self-care and innovation.
  • You are ready to make yourself a priority, value who you are and what you do, and receive more by working less.
  • You want to become more visible in your feminine leadership and be sought-after as an expert by quality clients.
  • You don't want to spend another year going around in circles on the path of "trial and error", trying to figure it all out on your own and wasting your time here, pouring your heart and soul in offers that don't work effectively.
  • You've tried group programs, courses and crave private attention with 100% personalized guidance - because you know this is what will help you unlock your full potential.
  • You don't want another business coach who will give you a rigid business strategy, and when you work with spiritual mentors, it becomes too ungrounded, so you seek support that combines personal, spiritual and business growth.
  • You want strategies tailored personally to you to become masterful as a conscious leader, coach and entrepreneur, so that you can run your business, create your legacy and live your life on your own terms.

Ready to get out of your own way and let your true self shine?

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time, the perfect mentor, the perfect plan, here is your chance. Are you ready to answer your call? Click the link below to set up a free Visionary strategy call Now.


Kristina Jankauske

Transformational change mentor, www.zydintisiela.lt 

I knew that on my own I would go towards my vision slowly, like through a dark room, looking for an exit. I felt called for a faster track. I desired to feel courage to bring my Soul gifts, to feel confident to position myself and speak, to run my business with pleasure. It would have taken a long time to go that far on my own. Working with Viktorija in only 6 months I made a huge leap. The most important thing is the Alignment that she supported in each session. Within that Alignment everything is possible and all the fears and insecurities dissolve in the easiest way. It was a hard task for me to articulate and explain the transformational healing work that I do. I'm happy how naturally my message flows now - no more thinking. I deeply feel what I give to people and my words carry that message vibrationally. I love how bravely I show up in public. It's impossible to put into words what a gift is working with Viktorija. Clear guidance and tremendous support that leads to huge changes, graceful acceleration and amazing results, without any difficulties for your day-to-day responsibilities.


It's time to be the Wise and Prosperous leader this planet needs more of!

Your participation in the global shift is vital. If you are ready to show up for your Purpose, I would be honored to serve you on this journey to reach your full potential, so that you can live your legendary life.