Hi, I'm Viktorija Sage, Magnetic Leadership catalyst, Visionary strategist and Spiritual advisor,

...but to understand what I do and why, I have to tell you my story... 

I thought that every person is able to hear their inner voice – since I could from my early years. Only much later had I realized I was gifted with a rare intuition.

As a child, I wasn’t interested in the children’s stuff. I cared more to advice the adults on the reasons of the difficulties they faced but I saw they didn't want to listen or were not taking me seriously. Thus I kept myself silent most of the time, waiting to grow up to share the wisdom and create the impact I was born to.

I had an inner knowing I was here with a mission to help humanity. At the age of 13 I had flashes of the timeline with my Future Self, counseling people. I had no idea what my profession was and I guessed I must be a psychologist since I was curious to learn everything about human nature. 

At the time I had to enter the university, my single mother passed away and I chose to study law advised so by the external authority figures so that I have a financially secure future and would not have to depend on a man. That was the most painful decision I ever made. I was aware that I was going against my true Calling.

Although I was excellent at studying law, when it came to being a lawyer in practice, I could barely breathe in the lawyer's suit. Each day I would suffer inside for betraying my true self. I never let go of the idea that I was meant to help people in a bigger way from the consciousness angle.

I tried to follow the social norms to fit in and make my family proud of me, but I was getting depressed from pretending to be someone I was not. It was getting worse and I didn’t know whom to turn for help. I tried to talk to a psychologist, a priest – no one understood me. Desperate to help myself, I started writing my blog. This was how my journey as a mentor began in early 2011.

I still felt an outsider among others and thought I must have been “from another planet”. I was one step away from taking my own life. This was the moment where my inner voice invited me to go on a journey to find the world where I belong. When at the same time my workplace was nationalized, I realised the Universe had opened the doors. I voluntarily left my lawyer's career and with a 20 kg of luggage left to Malta with an intention to re-discover my Life's Mission.

Landed on the island, with a blissful feeling of freedom, I started exploring my natural creativity and expressing more parts of myself through photography, writing, studying ancient history, arts, spiritual philosophies and holistic healing systems of many cultures. Learning to live in flow in every moment and deepining my trust in my path, I experienced the happiest phase of my life.

Soon, I felt a strong pull to retreat from as many distractions as I could and go inside myself. I surrounded myself with Nature and went through a deep personal transformation. After spending three years there, I left Malta, forever changed, awake and ready to start serving humanity from my Genius zone.

I have explored many ways to live my Purpose that led me to where I am today. I did healing massages, led workshops for adults and kids, retreats and online courses. Yet I ended up overworking and low-financially, and my physical health took a backseat. It was very humbling to be a spiritual leader who had to spend days laying on the bed to restore her energy.

One day I realized that was not the victory that I signed up for. I realized that if I continued that way back, I wouldn't be able to make the long-term impact I was here for.

Thus I set up a proper business boundaries, worked diligently to transform my Money-Consciousness, claimed the true Value of my Life's work and opened up to fully receive what the Universe has in store for me. Soon, my impact-led business took off.

It took a lot of courage to step into this next level of my leadership, but I was ready to set a better example. I knew I was here to help other women to fully step into their Calling, while being well rewarded for the impact they make.  

It's not the end, yet I created an authentic and harmonious life, filled with Purpose, Wealth and Fulfillment – just like I wanted – my way.

I now have enough space for my own needs, I am able to afford a quality lifestyle I enjoy, and have energy to expand my work further. All of this allows me to go deeper with my clients and serve them from a high vibrational place, so they have lasting results. 


One of the most prevalent misconceptions out there is that attracting money is “hard work” and that you can’t have an honorable and thriving life while sharing your Soul gifts

I surely know what it means to work a lot, feel unfulfilled, as well as to have your own needs barely met. However, I got up my courage to unite both - the spiritual and the material planes, which now allows me to live more in balance and make even a greater impact in people’s lives.

I strongly stand for expressing your Soul gifts as the way to the true abundance of the Universe. I believe that it is by reclaiming our own spiritual and financial sovereignty, how we can set ourselves free, inspire others and restore the planet to her abundant origins.

I see many gifted women stopping themselves from following their dreams to create a business they love, because they:

  • haven’t embraced their unique essence inside their business;
  • have a hard time valuing their Gifts;
  • believe that to receive money they have to work very hard all the time.

This is why I designed my Magnetic Leadership Method, based on my 10+ years of experience as a soul-led entrepreneur, coupled with what I’ve learned from the world-class business coaches whom I worked with, so you can step into the heart of what you were born to do, create a difference on the planet and feel free and fulfilled, while changing people's lives. 

Using my exclusive method, I specialize to empower conscious coaches and visionary leaders to advance in their leadership mastery and quantum leap to the next level in their impact and income, without the pressure, overworking or having to force yourself into rigid strategies.

I help you release the constraints to you power and financial freedom and structure your business to match your unique essence, amplifying your natural state of Radiance and Abundance and creating Magnetism in your work, so you can honor your own Genius, attract your ideal clients with ease and live your Purpose, while thriving financially and personally. 

We all have layers of conditioning and habitual self-minimizing, that hide our greatness. I know that you too have a part inside of you, who is incredibly resilient to design her life under her terms and lead with grace from her Soul. I am passionate about helping you unleash it, saving years of stress, avoiding burnouts and having more space for your self-care. 


Silvija Simulyte

Intuitive healer

"Victoria is an amazing mentor and guide. She knows what she is doing. Throughout the 6 months of my mentorship, I felt her support every day, every moment, especially when it was dark and hard. The decision to go on this journey with her was driven by the knowing that no one else would help me, as I had already tried many teachers. I was looking for mentoring on a completely different matter, maybe to liberate myself more, and I have received and achieved so much more! This is a powerful support, including the inner feeling, the clear action steps, and the abundance of knowledge and understanding of your mission. If you are thinking about working with Victoria, take this step - it's definitely worth investing in yourself for the growth of your business."