Hi, I'm Viktorija Sage, Magnetic Leadership catalyst, Visionary strategist and Spiritual advisor,

...but to understand what I do and why, I have to tell you my story... 

As a child, I was different from my peers. I had a deep desire to understand and explain the challenges that adults faced, but they didn't take me seriously. Their ignorance frustrated me, and I eagerly awaited adulthood so I could make my impact.

I always knew I had a mission to elevate human consciousness. At the age of 13, I had glimpses of my future self, advising people while sitting in a chair or surrounded by groups of women. I wasn't sure what profession I would have, but I guessed I might become a psychologist.

When it came time to enter a university, my relatives advised me to study law for financial security as a woman. It was the most painful decision I ever done because I knew I was betraying my True Self.

Although I excelled in studying law, I felt suffocated when I had to practice as a lawyer. It was clear to me that continuing down that path would lead to failure or worse.

Although I tried to conform to societal expectations to make my family proud, it only made me more depressed. I was living a lie, wearing a mask and pretending to be someone I wasn't. Despite external success, I felt broken inside.

I reached a point where I didn't know where to turn for help. Psychologists and priests couldn't understand me. Desperate to find solace, I started writing my own blog, which marked the beginning of my journey as a mentor.

Around the same time, my workplace was nationalized. I saw this as an opportunity from the Universe to discover what I truly loved doing in this lifetime. With only 20 kg of luggage and a one-way ticket to Malta, I left behind my career as a lawyer and my birth country. I knew that following my heart was the only way for me to survive and thrive.

During my time in Malta, I underwent a profound spiritual awakening and personal transformation, reigniting my sense of my life's mission. At 26, I started building my soul-aligned business, fueled by my longing for freedom, independence, authenticity, and making a meaningful leadership impact. 

Despite the absence of supportive systems, I was committed to living a life, aligned with my calling. There was no way I would go back to law again - it was a "live or die" situation for me.

To support myself financially without compromising my integrity, I explored various ideas. I offered healing massages, wrote a blog, facilitated meditation workshops, women's circles, self-expression groups for children, and led retreats abroad, taught online courses... However, I ended up taking on too much, overextending myself, and neglecting my own well-being.

After a few years of trying to help everyone, my body took a "backseat". It was a humbling experience for me to spend a whole month in bed, recovering my energy. I realized that I had been trying to give to others from an empty cup. 

I knew I was here to help other women to step into their true power and fulfill their missions while being well rewarded for their contribution. And I was ready to set a better example of leading in an honorable and harmonious way.

So I diligently worked on transforming my money consciousness, opened myself up to fully receive what the Universe had in store for me, recognized the true value of what I had to offer, and established proper business boundaries to succeed. Soon after, my business began to thrive.

Thus, I have created an authentic and harmonious life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and wealth, just as I had always desired. I now have enough space for my own needs, can afford a quality lifestyle that brings me joy, and possess an abundance of energy for expanding my business and creating my legacy work. This allows me to serve my clients from a high vibrational place, so that they can have lasting results.


I discovered what prevents many impact-led women from experiencing harmony, joy, and true, holistic abundance in their work, is that they find themselves missing one of two key elements:

1. Some women don't fully embrace their unique soul essence and activate their feminine power. As a result, their mind takes control, leading to hard work and unfulfillment.

2. Others are spiritually attuned but lack aligned structures and strategy in their business and struggle to receive. This can lead to over-giving, undercharging, and depletion.

A prevalent misconception is that attracting money requires "hard work." I used to believe this too. However, I made a choice to value myself and master both the spiritual and material aspects, allowing for a more fulfilling and balanced life while making a greater impact.

That's why I lovingly designed my Magnetic Leadership Method, drawing on my unique gifts and over 10 years of experience as a mission-led entrepreneur. I've also incorporated lessons from top world-class coaches I've worked with. My goal is to help you honor your genius, attract ideal clients, and live your purpose, while thriving financially and personally.

We all have layers of conditioning and habitual self-minimizing to hide our greatness. I know that you too have a QUEEN inside of you, who is incredibly resilient to design her life under her terms. I am passionate about helping you unleash her, saving years of stress, avoiding burnouts, and having more space and time for your self-care. No more playing small or hiding your true power!

Click the link below to set up a free, no-obligation conversation with me. Let's begin this transformative journey together.


Silvija Simulyte

Intuitive healer

"Victoria is an amazing mentor and guide. She knows what she is doing. Throughout the 6 months of my mentorship, I felt her support every day, every moment, especially when it was dark and hard. The decision to go on this journey with her was driven by the knowing that no one else would help me, as I had already tried many teachers. I was looking for mentoring on a completely different matter, maybe to liberate myself more, and I have received and achieved so much more! This is a powerful support, including the inner feeling, the clear action steps, and the abundance of knowledge and understanding of your mission. If you are thinking about working with Victoria, take this step - it's definitely worth investing in yourself for the growth of your business."