Attract your ideal clients without chasing.

Receive more money without hardship.

Avoid years of stress and burnouts.

You have a mission bigger than yourself.

I am here to help you confidently step into your sovereign leadership role and create a profitable and sustainable soul-aligned business, so that you can serve from your zone of Genius.

Welcome to my world, dear visionary leader!

So let me guess...

- You are a conscious entrepreneur, or the head of the company, striving for standards higher than average.
- You aspire to be recognized as an authority in your field and saught-after by for your dream clients.
- You have a vision to create your thriving empire where you can realize yourself fully from a flow state.

If these statements resonate with you, then you are in the right place.

Working with gifted and ambitious experts and coaches, like yourself, I understand that you already possess the knowledge, experience, and skills.

However, you may be experiencing slower progress than you desire in terms of realizing your big vision, despite your hard work and current success.

I can help you.

With over 10 years of mentoring experience, I have had the privilege of working with many conscious leaders like you who carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.

If you dream of having more time for self-care and spending time with your family, and you are looking for an uncomplicated, elegant, and efficient business model, I have the solutions you need.



I can help you attract next-level clients, revenue and opportunities without chasing and overworking.

Working together, you will free yourself from the constraints of your true power and powerfully structure your life's work in alignment with your unique essence, so that you can stand out in the marketplace, make a meaningful impact in your field, and live your own life on your terms.








"It would have taken me a long time to walk that far alone. Working with Viktorija, I made a huge leap in just 6 months. The most important thing she supported in each session is Alignment. In this alignment, anything is possible and all fears and insecurities dissolve in the easiest way. Words cannot describe what a gift it is to work with Viktorija. Clear guidance and tremendous support leading to a massive change, graceful acceleration and amazing results without hindering your day-to-day life."

Kristina Jankauske
Transformational Coach & Healer

Here's to the victory of your vision!

Ugne Zukauskiene

Archetypal Feminine Coach

Wise and loving, Viktorija creates a safe space for you to unfold in your own unique way. With her support, nothing is scary. She unites spirit with matter, feminine with masculine, and it is this balance that made my process effective.

Diana Sophia

Mandala Dance Teacher

Viktorija provided me with the "birds-eye -view" to see my Big Vision - earthly and tangible, not the inaccessible layers. Together with her, we organically sorted out and laid out my Life's work in a way that I love and fully resonate with.

Olese Kekiene

Style Designer & Consultant

It's rare to witness a teacher, who has mastered her own mastery and embodies her talk. Thank you, Viktorija, for igniting me to walk towards my self-realisation with unwavering determination and without compromising myself. 


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